No More Sleepless Nights

The other night while conversing with a friend via twitter, I was given great advice.  After reading the message with the advice, I lay there thinking to myself, exactly what is keeping me up at night?  What is the road block in front of my sleeping pattern that is not letting fall into a restful full night of sleep?

So after thinking about all the things that were floating through my mind blocking my sleep I decided I needed to take action.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe firmly there is NO instance that a Personal Kanban cannot come to my aid.  I have been able to successfully use Personal Kanban in every aspect of my life. From at home, and into the classroom Personal Kanban has been life changing for me.  So would my streak continue?  Could I effectively use a personal kanban to help me sleep?

Enter my “No More Sleepless Nights PK”.

No More Sleepless Nights Personal Kanban

I got out of bed and went to into my home office, sat down and immediately began to write down all the tasks that were floating through my head causing me to lay away at night.  Looks daunting doesn’t it?  However as I was writing out the tasks I realized there were already three that I was working on.  Three tasks I was worrying about that I had already started and would soon be in the “double smiley face” 😀 completed lane.  That immediately made me feel better! I came upstairs from my office and placed the Personal Kanban by my computer.  Then went to bed.  And slept.  Yes, I slept.

The next day I started working and completed every task that I needed to complete for that day.More smiles for me. 😀

So two days in, here is where my No More Sleepless Nights Personal Kanban stands:

2 Days in on the No More Sleepless Nights Personal Kanban

I am going to track my progress with my sleep pattern along with my Personal Kanban.  As I discovered before, a Personal Kanban CAN help a 12 yr old swimmer with confidence, why can’t it help me to sleep better?  I believe it will help me.  Follow along with me as I track the progress over the next few weeks.

*New to Personal Kanban?  Want to learn more? You can find everything you need to know at the personal Kanban website.*


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